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November 18th 2012

Unlock: Oso System

Unlock: Oso System

$4.9 million – even without a working site you still continue to hit those goals! Almost to the next set of stretch goals…

Oso System

Ownership: UEE Protectorate
Planets: 6
Planetary Rotation: Oso II (290 SED)
Import: none
Export: none
Crime Status: Medium
Black Market: Oso Meat
UEE Strategic Value: Grey

Oso has been designated by the UEE as a developing system off-limitsto interaction and trade. A small military garrison maintains thisedict, although they are generally willing to look the other way for the right price. As such, Oso is regularly visited by traders of all stripes looking to ship between here and the Xi’An Empire.

Osoians are the most developed of all the primitive species discovered by the UEE. A furry, multi-limbed race that communicates through flashes of color generated by chameleon cells that are patterned across their forehead-equivalents.

Human scientists find the natives to be endlessly fascinating, and Earth’s universities are full of graduate students suggesting new ways to study and attempt to communicate with the Osoians. The Xi’An, however, have a more tragic take on the species: they find them to be delicious.

Next, at $5.0 million: “home and namesake of a traveling species.”

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