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November 19th 2012

$5.4 Million - Spaceport Test Footage!

$5.4 Million - Spaceport Test Footage!

$5.4 million… that carrier is practically yours! To celebrate, we have a great new video that’s hot off the presses. This is a very early test of moving from concept art of a spaceport to a 3D environment. You’ll recognize the original concept art… and check out how cool it is to walk around it! Please note the fidelity of the environment and buildings is MUCH lower than what it will be in the actual game and a lot of the background city environment is missing.



Additionally, here are the much-requested Anvil Gladiator specifications:


Builder: Anvil Aerospace

Crew (max): 2

Mass (empty): 30,000 Kg

Focus: Bomber

The T3A Gladiator is the UEE Navy’s primary carrier-based bomber. Gladiator squadrons are typically divided by specialty: a carrier may have both a Gladiator torpedo squadron and a Gladiator dive bomber squadron.  A back seat is occupied by a tail gunner who also acts as radio operator.

Though a heavy-hitting bomber, the Gladiator has proven easy to modify and thus has become commonplace in the civilian market. The bomb bay can easily be converted for light transport. Many pilots choose to replace the rear turret’s laser cannon with a tractor beam, making it an ideal craft for light salvage missions.

Upgrade Capacity: 8

Cargo Capacity: 15 tonnes


Modifiers: 2

Max. Class: Fusion

Thrusters: 1 x TR5, 8 x TR2


3 x Class 1: Equipped 3 x A&R AC-9 Laser Cannon

2 x Class 3: Equipped 2x Dogfish Proton Torpedo (TORP)

1 x Class 4: Equioped 1x A&R AC-7 Laser Cannon (Turret)

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