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November 30th 2012

Friday Update: Kickstarter, Card Shipping & Forums

Friday Update: Kickstarter, Card Shipping & Forums

Greetings, Citizens! Our big news is that we’ve signed the lease for the new Cloud Imperium office in Austin, Texas, where much of the game’s development will happen! It’s official, Star Citizen has a new home! We’ve prepared a short video showing you what it looks like today:

Kickstarter Linking

We’ve had a lot of questions about the Kickstarter linking process. Everyone is wondering when their pledge will appear on the site. The answer is that it may take another two weeks: Kickstarter gives pledgers a grace period to confirm their payment before we’re allowed to send out the end-of-campaign survey collecting your information. Once that period is over, we will send out the survey through Kickstarter to collect the relevant information that will allow us to link the pledge to your account. Once we have that in hand, we will begin the process of linking your pledges to your RSI account, note due to the large volume of transactions and time allowed for people to complete the surveys this will not be an immediate process. For those who added money for Kickstarter add ons, you’ll be given a ‘credit’ at RSI which you will then be able to divide into the add ons you purchased on Kickstarter, including those no longer available like the Vanduul, M50, etc. Kickstarter users will automatically have access to the lower price add ons and extra tiers that those who registered for the RSI site before 11/26 have. Also note that the winners of the referral contest will be announced after the Kickstarter pledges are integrated; we can’t give away the big prize until everyone has had a chance to list their referrals!


There have also been a lot of questions about shipping Citizen Cards and other extras. Do not worry if you put down the wrong address or if you didn’t include one at all. We will send out a message confirming your address and the name you would like printed on your Citizen Card before we begin the shipping process.  We will also confirm your t-shirt size so that you don’t receive petite when you wanted an XL.


Thank you all for your patience during the forum transition. We’re roughly one week away from the switch over to and fresh start of a vBulletin system. This will allow for a much more robust forum experience with search, improved structure and better access for moderation. The current plan is to save the existing content where it is available as an archive—transferring over the posts would take additional weeks of work. We’d like to know what you think about this: is a fresh start the right choice for the forums?

We’d also like to hear what subforums you’d like established when we launch. Want a separate forum for guild recruiting? One for submitting game ideas? One to talk about the Lamp?  Let us know your ideas!

For your reference, here is current layout plan for the new forums:

Star Citizen
- General Chat
- Game Ideas
- Guilds/Squadrons
- Modding
- Fan Art & Fiction


Classic Games
- Wing Commander Chat
- Starlancer/Freelancer Chat
- Other Games

Off Topic

Weekly Update

Going forward we will be providing a general update like this every Friday. You will receive this update via e-mail along with a summary of all the other Comm-Link and Spectrum Dispatches posts published that week. If you would prefer not to see these messages, please click on the “Update Subscription preferences” link at the bottom of the e-mail.


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