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December 7th 2012

Friday Updates: Freelancer, Citizen Cards and Interviews

Friday Updates: Freelancer, Citizen Cards and Interviews

Greetings, Citizens! We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve passed 100,000 pledges and approaching $7 million in total!  The amount of support the community has given us in getting this game’s development started has been incredible; we won’t disappoint you!

Freelancer Video

We know you’re looking forward to seeing more ships and so today we have a special sneak preview: an interview with artist Jim Martin talking about his design process for the Freelancer… and showing off a few renders of the work so far! We think you’ll be very pleased with how this one is coming along.


Citizen Cards

We are very sorry to report that Citizen Cards will not be ready in time for Christmas as initially hoped.  On upside we have tens of thousands more of you in our awesome growing community than we ever imagined and have broken crowd funding records.  As a result the Citizen Card fulfillment is a much bigger job.  This combined with the merging of 34,397 Kickstarter pledges are the two reasons for the delay.  Kickstarter allows people two weeks to correct any billing issues after the campaign closes so we have only recently been able to start working with the  data.  If we went into production now the people that backed Star Citizen on Kickstarter and the people who added tiers and upgrades on Kickstarter wouldn’t get the card level they deserved.

On a positive note we want you all to have something to gift your friends, family and fellow space sim fan lovers with Christmas around the corner.  We will make digital holiday cards available later in the month so that those who’ve kindly decided to gift Star Citizen will be able to do so.

We promise to keep you updated on the Citizen Card fulfillment.  It will be worth it.

These cards will be a one time only production with your name shown as a Founder of Star Citizen.  We hope to break many more records and for your card to be a reminder of our humble beginnings and that you helped make this happen for us all.  Sandi is working as hard as she can to make sure they will be coming your way as soon as possible!

In the News

Earlier this week, Chris Roberts appeared on the first installment of a multi-part livestream for MMORPG. Chris took questions from the audience and talked about all aspects of Star Citizen. The next interview session will be Wednesday, December 12 at 5 PM EST… so bring your questions!

But Chris isn’t the only Star Citizen team member making the round! Eric Peterson, better known as Wingman, recently spoke with TinkTink about the game!

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