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December 10th 2012

More Constellation Details

More Constellation Details

Constellation Paint-Overs

As we promised back in November, work on the RSI Constellation Mk3 is continuing! Today we’re sharing some of the detailed paint-overs of the internals, including the berths and hangar bay, as well as the very first detail images of the P52 snub fighter! As many of you know, the Constellation carries a small fighter in an internal bay which players can choose to launch and pilot.

Freelancer Renderings

To say we were blown away by the response to Friday’s MISC Freelancer update would be an understatement. We’re so excited that fans are already passionate about their ships and our work and your comments absolutely do impact the development process.

We would like to clear up a few misconceptions and provide a little more information on the subscription program. The video posted on Friday was an abbreviated version of a longer edit for subscribers that we haven’t shared yet as we won’t have a good solution for segmenting content until everyone from Kickstarter is integrated. Once that data is in we will have three areas of access -
PUBLIC: for anyone, featuring an overview and teases of the game and the ability to back. BACKERS: the Comm-Link, forums, Spectrum Dispatch, Holo-Viewer, Engineering, Galactapedia and RSI Museum. SUBSCRIBERS: Jump Point, The Vault and a more involved and exclusive behind-the-scenes area.

One thing the abbreviated video didn’t do was make it clear that this is NOT the final Freelancer design. It came across as this is the final look. The session we filmed was a review session of the work in progress and went over Chris’ notes to Jim Martin, which included a lot of the things people have been talking about. That detail just didn’t make it into the shorter version. Going forward we’re going to make sure that even the teaser versions for non-subscribers make it clear that this sort of thing is still an early step in the development of any ship! There is normally weeks if not a couple of months that go on in the ship design and development process and many, many iterations as we have to think about the functionality and ergonomics as much as the look of any ship that is going into Star Citizen.

As we had shared a couple of early concepts with the community and let you vote on the direction you wanted to take it (which was NOT voting on the final look as that is impossible to do when you’re in 2D concept for the same reason car or plane concepts never match up 100% with the final article) we wanted to come back with multiple video updates for subscribers and backers on the process so everyone could see the amount of thought and love that goes into designing each ship.

We’re still figuring out a good way to get the subscriber content to the subscribers before the site becomes segmented and we owe everyone the first issue of Jump Point – that will be coming probably the following week (i.e. week of Dec 17th). We’ll try to get the longer version out to subscribers this coming week and perhaps share the longer version with everyone on Friday so they can see the kind of in-depth stuff we want to provide for “Development Subscribers”. Check back soon to learn how being a subscriber helps the game and all about the cool additional content the system is allowing us to create!


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