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December 17th 2012

Forum, Kickstarter & Referral Updates

Forum, Kickstarter & Referral Updates

The new forums are online and it looks like the rollout has gone well. We’ve very pleased with the capabilities of the new forums and we hope you’re enjoying them too! The search button makes finding other posts a lot easier and the deeper segmentation is a far better organization scheme. We wanted to let you know that two issues are being looked at.

A number of users have complained about issues logging in to the forums where a “permissions” error blocks posting. We’re aware of this problem and are hoping to provide a permanent solution very soon.  In the meantime, please log in through this temporary link to access the forums.

There is also some concern over the fact that the vBulletin software does not include a “display name” feature. This is a standard for most message boards: your username displays with your posts. Since some users registered thinking they could pick a different display name, we are investigating support options to change those account names. We will update you as soon as we know what’s possible.

Finally, one rule clarification. We very much appreciate the assistance in moderating the forums our users are giving us, but the rule against spam refers only to self-advertising posts. There’s no need to report every off-topic thread as spam! We will be introducing a moderation team very soon who will help keep the boards clean; we will introduce them in this space.

Kickstarter Integration

We’ve finished linking all the automatic Kickstarter accounts: those that used the same e-mail address for Kickstarter and RSI. If your address wasn’t found, you should have received an email with information on how to automatically link your account. Please check your spam folders for this message! If you can’t find the message, please contact us.

Referral Contest

And now that Kickstarter is integrated, it’s time to determine the winners of our referral contest! You will have one week (until Monday, December 24th) to specify your referrer through your account screen if you have not already. We’ll close off the competition then and announce the winners the following week!

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