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December 18th 2012

Press Roundup

Press Roundup

Chris Roberts has been busy working on Star Citizen and he’s also been talking to the press… as evidenced by four new articles that go into detail about his plans for the game! Additionally, MMORPG will be running their second live interview with Chris on Wednesday at 5 PM EST. Be sure to tune in!

PC World has a comprehensive interview that touches one very aspect of the title. On the subject of storytelling, Chris says: “Storytelling is going to play a really big role in the universe because my brand of game has always involved a heavy sense of story and cinematic flare. That will be a really strong part of what we’re doing and in Squadron 42 it will be a very specific narrative. On the Star Citizen side it will be less one overarching narrative, but more lots of little stories that you can run across and encounter that we will constantly be updating and adding and seeding around the galaxy as the game goes forward. It will be part of our regular content updates to not necessarily have 30-mission branching stories for the open world, but there’s something that could be three or four missions that has a small story thread over here, and then a different one on a different side of the galaxy.”

GamesIndustry International has published an interview with Chris Roberts and Crytek’s Carl Jonesabout the game, promising that it will compete with any AAA title out there. On the RSI community: “Our job – and I’m building the team [Roberts Space Industries] around this, too – is to entertain our audience during the two years they’ll be waiting for the game. We’ll be giving them builds and portions of it much sooner than that, and they’ll be getting multiple updates every single week… I want to make the journey, for everyone that backed it, as fun as the actual game. I want them to get to the point where they feel they got their money’s worth before the finished game is actually released. That’s a big priority for me. “
 Digital Trends has another interview, with more details about the game. On the open world in Star Citizen: “The game’s going to be incredibly open, so you’ll be able to go wherever you want. If you want to be a merchant, you can be a merchant. If you want to be an explorer, you can be explorer. If you want to be a pirate, you can be a pirate. If you want to be a bounty hunter, you can be a bounty hunter. And then inside that, if you want to have a more single-player experience you can do the Squadron 42 campaign, and there will be some other opportunities to do single-player style games.”
Closer to home, the Austin American-Statesman has an interview that explains the project but also focuses on the impact the new CIG Austin office will have on the city” Austin is where I built all my games previously, so there’s a lot of great talent in Austin and a lot of people that have worked specifically with me and on the stuff I’ve done in the past.”


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