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January 9th 2013

Subscriber Update: Enter the Vault!

Subscriber Update: Enter the Vault!

Attention Citizens: if you’re a Star Citizen subscriber, we have the first portion of your exclusive content online! Please head to this site to check out the first selections from The Vault which include, among other things, two dozen of Ryan Church’s Constellation renders which show how it went from an initial concept to the ship you know today! You’ll be very surprised at how different the first Constellations are compared to the design you’ll be flying in Star Citizen and we hope it will give you some appreciation for the weeks of work that go into perfecting any single ship design. There’s also a set of character art showing UEE offices and marines… and even a pair of videos answering one of the community’s hottest questions: how the Constellation stores and unloads both the snub fighter and its cargo! For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak in the slideshow.

To access this material at any time, subscribers will have an additional button in their Account settings, similar to the Your Pledges and Recruit Your Friends areas. Eventually, this exclusive area will include an array of renders and videos as well as other subscriber-only content like future editions of Jump Point. Enjoy it: your subscription fees make putting together this kind of information possible! If your initial subscription needs to be renewed, this will now be indicated in your Account page. We’ve also added two much-requested enrollment features: the ability to pre-pay for an entire subscription year and the ability to pay using Paypal Europe. If you’re having any issues, please contact Billing.

In other news, our earliest supporters will be pleased to know that a bug with the Golden Ticket system has been repaired… your ticket should now appear correctly in your account!

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