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February 11th 2013

Citizen Card Update

Citizen Card Update

Attention Citizens! The deadline to sign up for your personalized Citizen Card is just FOUR DAYS away. You need to enter your personal information via the Shipping Information link in your My Account page by this Friday in order to make sure your card is customized with your name and unique ID. If not, you will receive a blank card shipped alongside the game. For more information, check out the FAQ.

Metal Upgrades

We’ve had several requests in recent days to upgrade the bronze and silver level cards from plastic to metal. We’ve investigated this and it is possible for a limited fee  - only if there is enough interest for a full production run and to cover manual labor cost of fulfillment. This would also create a delay in delivery date. As such, we’ve decided to poll the community. If you are expecting a bronze or silver card or you would upgrade for this, please fill in the poll.   It does not matter if you have filled in the shipping form already or not.

We will let you know by Valentine’s Day if it becomes possible to offer this option.

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