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February 12th 2013

Press Roundup & Citizen Cards

Press Roundup & Citizen Cards

Press Roundup

Chris Roberts recently spoke to the Coalition of Christian Gamers about Star Citizen, talking about the game’s development and plans for the future! This was the interview where he first began discussing the death mechanic, which has since been detailed in a major Comm-Link post, Death of a Spaceman. You can check out the 25-minute interview here:

Citizen Cards

Remember to get your Citizen Card shipping requests in today! The deadline for submitting your data is Friday, February 15th. If we don’t get your information by Friday, you will receive a blank Citizen Card shipped with the game rather than a customized card featuring your name and ID number shipped this year. You can learn more in the FAQ. If you are having issues with the form and have messaged customer support, hang tight – you will not miss out!

Pictured below is the green Citizen card, which goes to everyone who pledged between $60 and $124 for Star Citizen! Wouldn’t it be cool to carry proof that you’re an elite Bounty Hunter in your wallet?

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