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February 14th 2013

Citizen Card Upgrade

Citizen Card Upgrade

Greetings Citizens,

Thank you for polling! Metal upgrades for Bronze and Silver cards ARE NOW POSSIBLE! The numbers work for 2,000 upgrades for each card… so if you said ‘YES’ to an upgrade please click here  and purchase the “Brushed Medal Upgrade.” Please note that ONLY Bronze and Silver card holders are eligible for this upgrade; White and Green cards can not be upgraded. Also note that you can not use existing credits for this upgrade.


And remember, tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for a customized citizen card! If you are eligible to receive a card, please access the red Shipping Information box in your My Account page.


Wingman’s Hangar

To get your latest Star Citizen news, join us for Wingman’s Hangar Tomorrow at 11 AM CST (GMT -6.) Wingman’s Hangar will now be broadcast live via YouTube, so update your links accordingly!


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