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February 18th 2013

Thank You, Citizens!

Thank You, Citizens!

Greetings Citizens,

Thank you all for your tremendous response to our Citizen Card & T-shirt deadline. We are currently working through the backlog of customer support requests, which is more than 1,000 messages! Please be patient as we manually make the necessary account changes.

While we can’t accept further requests for account changes, we will leave the shipping form active in your My Account area until we have caught up.  For late-comers without customer service issues this means you will make it in to the production run.  If you have already submitted your form and would like to change your information, add a T-shirt, upgrade your card with further pledges or add a metal enhancement to Bronze or Silver cards you will be able to do so until we are finished with the customer support queue.  We will let you know when the form will be taken down.

Vault Content 

Per popular request, we’d like to share some of the material available in the Subscriber Vault. These early screenshots chart the development of some of our first ships, the Constellation, Freelancer and Vanduul fighter, from concept to finished product! If you’re interested in subscribing, you can do so here. The subscriptions help fund additional game content and material like the weekly Wingman’s Hangar webcast.

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