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March 25th 2013

PAX East, In-Engine Character and More!

PAX East, In-Engine Character and More!

PAX East

Chris Roberts hit the road over the weekend to attend PAX East in Boston, MA! There he appeared as part of an all-star Future of Online Games panel alongside Garrett Fuller (, Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online), Dave Georgeson (Sony Online Entertainment), Jon Peters (ArenaNet), Jeremy Gaffney (Carbine Studios) and Jack Emmert (Perfect World). You can check out the entire hour-long discussion below:


While at PAX, the team at Gamers Nexus met up with Chris for an interview:


Gamers Nexus also managed to get footage of Chris’ other panel appearance, Going Back To The Future – Calling All Mechwarriors, Tribes and Star Citizens:

This is what a character head should look like in the finished gameThis is what a character head should look like in the finished game

Base Head Model

Remember Mark Skelton’s base head model? The last time you saw it it was rendered in 3ds Max… now here’s what it looks like in CryEngine!

We’ll be showing you the entire body in the game engine very soon.

We’re Hiring!

Cloud Imperium Games is hiring! Are you an ace programmer looking to work in Austin, Texas or Los Angeles, California? Then we’re interested in hearing from you! There are currently six positions open for programmers of various stripes to work on Star Citizen and Squadron 42: Listings and how to apply are available online here: Server/Backend Programmer Physics Programmer 3D Programmer Gameplay Programmer Tools Programmer Web/Backend Programmer

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