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April 5th 2013

Cards and T-Shirts in the Flesh

Cards and T-Shirts in the Flesh

Greetings Citizens,

We’ve had a number of questions about the Citizen Cards and T-shirts and wanted to give a quick status update. Your custom cards are currently being printed and we expect to receive them in about six weeks time. We’ll let you know the moment they start shipping out.


We ended up needing to make thousands more T-shirts and Cards than initially expected and ordered five tons of fabric for the shirts and 500 pounds of metal for the cards. That’s more raw materials than fit in the cargo hold of an Aurora!


Delivery will be via USPS. If you’ve changed your address and are unable to forward, please contact our customer support team. We can’t promise that we will be able to find your envelope among thousands before its possibly returned to us, but we will do our best! Please note that there are still a few pending T-shirts, people who have not paid or selected their size. If that’s you, please do so immediately by contacting us. Lastly, we are hearing that the Russian post office is now requiring middle names on shipping forms. If you’re having your package sent to Russia, please e-mail us your middle name.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve received the final sample Citizen Cards and T-shirts here at Cloud Imperium! Here’s a taste of the Cards all of our early backers will be receiving.

And here are the shirts, worn by our resident fashion models Rob, Pete and Jason:

Strike a pose!Strike a pose!

We’re extremely happy with how the shirts turned out; they feature very high quality material and great screen-printing. We hope you’ll be as happy as we are when you receive them.

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