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May 9th 2013

User Support System Update

User Support System Update

Greetings Citizens,

We’re pleased to announce that we’re streamlining the Star Citizen user support experience. We’re reducing the number of e-mails needed to contact the team: instead of specific addresses for each question, you should now contact for any account, billing or other support issue. The Contact Us page has been updated to reflect this change, effective immediately. Any e-mails you’ve already sent to admin@, billing@, privacy@ or info@ have been forwarded to the new system, so there is no need to resend an outstanding ticket. As always, if you have a question about or suggestion for the game you should post it to the forums.

The new website, currently planned for launch next month, will include enhanced functionality to allow you to securely contact support with built-in forms. Behind the scenes, we are rolling out an interactive help desk that will allow our growing support team to more efficiently answer your questions and solve your problems. This system will be instrumental in helping us as we launch the new website, the hangar module and the dogfighting alpha… so we wanted to get it in place as soon as possible. We’re anticipating improved response time and more thorough support effective immediately!

Chris Roberts Interview

While he was in town last week, Chris Roberts took the time to appear on Kick Start, a podcast dedicated to discussing Kickstarter projects. The audio quality for their questions isn’t great, but Chris talks about Star Citizen for nearly 45 minutes! Check it out:

Wingman’s Hangar

It’s almost time for a new Wingman’s Hangar! This week, Wingman interviews John Erskine, Cloud Imperium’s new Director of Studio Services. Plus Forum Feedback, the Week in Review and all the other segments you know and love. Check it out tomorrow at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT) for the latest news about how Star Citizen is progressing!

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