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May 15th 2013

Fan Focus, Citizen Card Update, Fan Site Kit & More!

Fan Focus, Citizen Card Update, Fan Site Kit & More!

Citizen Card Update

Check your mailboxes, your Citizen Cards and t-shirts are on the way! The cards and shirts are shipping from China, so they may take several weeks to arrive… but they’re coming, and several fans have already reported receiving theirs! Roughly 50% of the cards have shipped out thus far, so if you haven’t seen yours yet do not panic.

We have discovered that a small number of cards that had special characters were misprinted. We are aware of this issue and there’s no need to report your incorrect card… replacements are already being manufactured and will be mailed to you as quickly as possible.


Gamescom Poll

We’re having a party! A team from Cloud Imperium will be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this August and we want to hang out with the fans that made Star Citizen possible! We will announce details about the event in the near future, but we wanted to start by polling to find out exactly how many people to expect. If you’re planning on attending Gamescom and would like to take part in our event, please let us know! And if you’re elsewhere in the world, don’t worry: we’ll be taking part in other upcoming conventions.

Results of the Gamescon pollResults of the Gamescon poll

Fan Focus

And speaking of Germany, it’s the home of this week’s fan visitor, SerErris! He traveled all the way from Europe to visit Cloud Imperium in Austin, and we were excited for the chance to meet him and introduce him to the team!  

Fansite Kit

We’ve had a number of requests lately from Citizens looking for help starting their own fan sites. That’s great news, overall: where most games would spend millions of dollars advertising, Star Citizen relies on YOU. So anyone spreading the word is doing us a great service! We’ve put together a small kit to help get anyone interested in starting a fan site started. It includes:
  • High-Res Moscow Concept Wallpaper (rescalable)
  • High-Res Tyrol Concept Wallpaper (rescalable)
  • 4 Squadron 42 Wallpapers
  • Aurora Brochure
  • Jump Point Issue #1
  • RSI Logos in color and b/w
  • Squadron 42 logo
  • Star Citizen Logo
  • Orbitron font

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