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May 21st 2013

Press Roundup: From Forbes to Crytek!

Press Roundup: From Forbes to Crytek!

Chris Roberts has been hard at work the past few weeks making the hangar module a reality… but he’s had time to do a few interviews about Star Citizen as well! Chris recently spoke to both Forbes Magazine and Inside Crytek about wildly different aspects of the game.


If you’re interested in some of the logistics behind Star Citizen’s funding then you should check out this article at Forbes. Chris sat down with Erik Kain for a half-hour video interview where he talked all about how the crowdfunding plan evolved and what we plan to do with it in the future. It’s not all money matters, though: Chris talks all about game mechanics, including the PvP slider!


Chris also took time to chat with our friends at Crytek about Star Citizen and how the game will be making great use of CryEngine 3:
“I made the decision to go for CryEngine because I felt like its DNA was PC, which is what I’m focusing on. It was very powerful and expandable – so we were able to take the engine and build extra functionality for the space ships, and that’s obviously an important part of our gameplay. And then the rendering look and feel of CryENGINE is more photo-realistic, and I wanted to go for that almost film visual effect, not quite as stylized as some engines come across. CryENGINE does that really well.”
Read the entire article here.

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