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June 3rd 2013

In Memory of Andrew Reisse

In Memory of Andrew Reisse

Many of you have heard the news this weekend about the death of Oculus Rift co-inventor Andrew Reisse. The team at Cloud Imperium was devastated to learn of this tragedy and our thoughts go out to Andrew’s friends, family and the team at Oculus. We hope it is some small condolence that he has helped to create something amazing; the Rift is an amazing piece of game-changing technology that will heavily impact the future of gaming.

Here at Cloud Imperium Games, the moment we saw the Oculus Rift, there was no question that we had to support it. Here was technology that would allow the player to inhabit the game world like nothing before. Even better, it was another crowdfunding success story: like space sims, big publishers had decided VR was unprofitable… and here were gamers proving them wrong.

We are extremely gratified by the support Oculus has provided our project since our launch. Like us, Andrew and his team dreamed of letting gamers experience their worlds like never before. Now the device he made possible is going to let gamers explore distant star systems with a level of realism no one ever believed possible. We hope that’s a fitting tribute.

The team at Oculus has posted a wonderful memorial to their co-worker, which you can find here.


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