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June 4th 2013

Citizen Poll: PAX Prime

Citizen Poll: PAX Prime

Greetings Citizens,

We’d like to start by talking about the Stanton concept art you saw yesterday, which we thought was especially cool and a good representation of the worlds Star Citizen will let you explore. As you know, Behaviour is currently building out the Stanton System in-game. We’ll get a progress update from them in the coming days, but we want to go ahead and share this concept piece of the ArcCorp home planet. “Look and feel” pieces like this usually require dozens of changes after they’ve come in from an artist… this one was perfect in its first iteration and is already adorning quite a few desktop backgrounds at Cloud Imperium,

We would also like to poll the community about a potetial upcoming event. Response to our plans to host a Star Citizen event at Gamescon in Germany was great and now we’re looking at making an appearance at PAX Prime. Please let us know if you’d be able to attend an event there!

Thank you for your input; it’s essential to helping us plan these events.

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