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June 11th 2013

Press Roundup

Press Roundup

The gaming world is busy with reports about new consoles from E3… but word about Star Citizen reaching the $10 million goal hasn’t escaped notice! Press around the world are reporting on the achievement:

Chris Roberts spoke to Polygon about the accomplishment:
“Our engagement with the community is not about, ‘Hey, thanks for the money, we’re off to make a game, we’ll check back in a couple of years.’ We engage with them every day. We have eight to 10 posts a week on our site where we do video content. I make every one of our developers spend at least an hour a week interacting with the community. We try to up the engagement, because we understand that part of this whole thing is about saying, ‘Yes, I want to get involved. I want my voice heard. I want to see a space sim again.’ Okay, absolutely. Thank you for helping us be able to do that. We respect that. We want to have you involved in the process.”
Chris isn’t the only Cloud Imperium employee talking to the press! Minus World recently published a video interview with Eric “Wingman” Peterson:

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