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June 24th 2013

A New Record & 300i Clarifications

A New Record & 300i Clarifications

Greetings Citizens,

The response to the 300 Series promotion has been incredible! Your support isn’t just making Star Citizen a reality, it’s changing the face of game development. In fact, you pushed the project over an important milestone: over the weekend Star Citizen backers officially passed the $10,266,844 pledged to Pebble Watch, making Star Citizen the number one crowd funded project of all time. That’s a record you should be proud of. But we’re just getting started!

I would like to clarify one further thing about the commercial: the video you saw wasn’t just made in-engine, it used actual game models. You’re looking at the 300i mesh you will see in Star Citizen and not some high-poly fake created for cutscenes and good PR. What you’re seeing is what you’ll play.

Many of you have written to request separate images from the 300i brochure to use as wallpapers and for your own websites. I’m happy to make them available now.

We’ve also had a number of questions about the 315p and 325a upgrade packages. These will turn one existing 300i into the ship of your choice. You cannot add both to your account without having two base 300i ships to convert in the first place. We created the option for early backers who may have pledged for a 300i before knowing that an exploration or military model would be available. There is no 350r upgrade pack because the ship’s hull is physically different in order to support the twin thrusters.

Stretch Goal Clarification

I would also like to clarify some of our existing stretch goals. The intended plan was for the “rewards” to be given only to the backers who helped achieve them. So for instance, you had to achieve the $5.5 million level to get the record breaker skin and the additional credits.

During the testing of the website, it has discovered that many backers did not understand this. Reviewing our language, we have decided it does seem ambiguous. We’ve decided that all backers who pledge before the end of the livestream grace period will receive the AMX-1 Repair Bot, Squadron 42 mission disk and 2,000 credits.

After the livestream and grace period, new backers will receive ONLY what is listed in their packages. So if you have been waiting to take the plunge, this is your last change for many of the early stretch goal rewards!

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