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June 25th 2013

Press Roundup - 300i Edition

Press Roundup - 300i Edition

Between the exciting 300i launch and the new crowdfunding record, Star Citizen has been all over the news! Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Kotaku – “This Is How You Sell a Starship”
  • PC Gamer – “Star Citizen Trailer Shows Off ORIGIN 300i”
  • VG 24/7 – “Star Citizen becomes highest grossing crowdfunding project of all time”
  • Escapist – “Star Citizen Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Ever”
  • MCV – “Star Citizen becomes the most successful crowdfunding project ever”
  • Develop – “Star Citizen soars past 10m in crowdfunding”
  • Massively – “Star Citizen is highest grossing crowdfunded project of all time”

And if you haven’t seen the 300i article from Polygon, it’s a great piece on the making of the ship. The team at Polygon talked to the whole team about the design and the philosophy behind Star Citizen’s player ships:

“The way we make these is a lot more high fidelity compared to other games,” said lead vehicle artist Chris Smith. “It requires a different building technique. We have a lot of parts that are moving. The interior cockpit is so detailed. We want to convey a simulator type feel to it. It’s based on reality. You have everything that you would need to fly, trade, fight.”

“We make sure the landing gear retracts to a proper place,” said [Chris] Roberts. “It’s cool that the amount of detail we build into these ships is like industrial design. We design and account for all the stuff that you would normally cheat with. We think in terms of all the pieces. We are almost mimicking what happens in the real world, all the functions and the design iterations.”

Flesh Eating Zipper caught up with Chris Roberts at E3, sitting down for an in-depth hour long interview. You can check it out here:

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