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June 28th 2013

System Unlock: Tiber
  • Ownership: Vanduul
  • Planets: 2
  • Planetary Orbital Periods: n/a
  • Import: Medical
  • Export: None
  • Crime Status: None
  • Black Market: Medical
  • UEE Strategic Value: Purple

To the Vanduul, this system was called Korathen. To humanity, Tiber. To the soldiers and pilots of the UEE expeditionary forces, it had another name: the Grinder. Historically, Tiber has been a staging area for Vanduul raiding groups preparing to raid UEE territory. The UEE has made countless attempts to shut down the system, from antimatter bombing the two charred planets to launching full scale military campaigns against the Vanduul warships garrisoned here. None were ever succesful, and the efforts cost the lives of countless spacers.

Tiber II is known as the Tomb, a larger world which has attracted the destroyed wreckage of thousands of starships and other weapons. Occasional bombings flatten the junk, but new layers pile up with some frequency. Fearless salvage crews might find Tiber II a good source of old technology, although the salvage crew capable of facing off the frequently active Vanduul forces in the system hasn’t been found yet…

The Vanduul have recently begun “harvesting” Tiber I for their war machine. Massive Vanduul reclimators are literally sloughing the planet into molten ore to construct new ships to replace those lost in the “Grinder.”

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