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July 5th 2013

System Unlock: Rihlah
  • Ownership: Xi’An
  • Planets: 6
  • Planetary Orbital Periods: 615 SED (Shorvu) 831 SED (Vi)
  • Import: Electronics, Heavy Metals, Industrial Machinery
  • Export: Outsource Weapons
  • Crime Status: Low
  • Black Market: Weapons Surplus
  • UEE Strategic Value: Purple

Rihlah (a Xi’An word meaning “source of strength”) is the first system past the Perry Line. Rihlah was originally a major staging area for Xi’An military forces and was processed as a military zone. All of the planets and resources in the system have been converted to a martial nature, helping to build and maintain the defensive capabilties of the system. The Xi’An have ramped down their buildup in the region, leaving the system in the middle of an identity crisis. Redesignated for industrial and trade purposes, Rihlah has shuttered the invasion countermeasure systems… for now. One result of the change is that the strong military presense is now used to handle border and system security, making it an inopportune point for smugglers to try and break into Xi’An space.

The system is home to two Xi’An-inhabited worlds, Shorvu and Xi. Standard Xi’An interaction and trade warnings apply to all settlements on both.

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