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June 29th 2013

System Unlock: Pyro
  • Ownership: Lawless
  • Planets: 6
  • Planetary Orbital Periods: 710 SED (Pyro VI)
  • Import: Oxygen, Food
  • Export: None
  • Crime Status: High
  • Black Market: Narcotics, Atomics
  • UEE Strategic Value: Purple

Pyro is a lawless frontier system with a bright central star undergoing a prolonged nova phase. Pyro’s sun went nova long before mankind reached for the stars and little is known of the original makeup of the system. Six burned-out planets remain, none of which are capable of supporting llfe. Every planet in the system is at some level of decay: from Pyro I’s slow infusion into the star to Pyro IV being knocked out of orbit in a meteor strike and slowly being subsumed by Pyro V’s gas giant.

There is little inherently interesting in the Pyro system. The planets were quickly mined out of any remaining precious metals shortly after the system’s discovery and the gas giant Pyro V is a mediocre refueling point at best (the atmosphere contains a poor hydrogen mix.)

Persons unknown have established a mysterious space station in orbit around Pyro. The least damaged system in the world, Pyro VI is still an uninhabitable world… so why a pristine orbital station was built there is unknown. The current inhabitants, primarily pirates and other criminals seeing to lay low, are happy to have it.

TRAVEL WARNING: Any improperly shielded spacecraft will sustain residual damage from Pyro’s star while making transit through the system.

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