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June 28th 2013

Welcome to RSI Prime

Greetings Citizens,

Welcome to Roberts Space Industries Prime, the complete re-design of the RSI website. With the help of an incredible team at Turbulent and the design skills of our own Zane Bien, we’ve rebuilt RSI from the ground up as a site worthy of the game it will lead to. The site you see today will take you directly into Star Citizen when it’s time to start releasing game modules… and until that time, it should provide everyone with a much better user experience.

The iteration of RSI Prime you see today is not the end. The team is already hard at work adding new features like an updated chat and the Galactapedia which will be rolled out in future updates. Like Star Citizen itself, RSI Prime is a living website that will receive constant content updates. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done to date and we hope you enjoy your new home.

If you’re an existing backer, please take a moment to transfer your name to the new site and reserve your username and public-facing handle. The site will walk you through the process, which will take only a few minutes. Welcome back!

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