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June 28th 2013

New Stretch Goals

Greetings Citizens,

We are pleased to announce the next set of stretch goals for Star Citizen. When we started to build Star Citizen, the goal was to raise $2 million to prove to investors that there was a market for space sims. What we’ve realized since then is that YOU are responsible for this game and not investors. So we’re going all the way: crowd funding will raise the $21 million needed to produce a AAA space sim. These are the next stretch goals that will take us there—more will be revealed as they are achieved!

$11 million
  • Move Wingman out of the basement! Move CIG Austin to a larger facility that will support expanded development. More room for employees means more man hours spend developing the game.

$12 million
  • Build professional sound studios. We’ll move Star Citizen’s sound production from a home office to high tech facilities that will give us access to cutting edge sound effects and Hollywood voice talent!
  • Oculus Rift support for the Hangar Module.

$13 million
  • Additional flyable ship class: destroyer
  • Command and Control Center – Supervise the battle from the deck of your Idris or Destroyer (class TBA) with advanced C&C packages that allow you to tie all of your ships together and assume central command from the 3rd seat.

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