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July 8th 2013

Welcome New Citizens!

Last week’s promotion didn’t just raise a lot of the money needed to make Star Citizen, it introduced thousands of new citizens to our ranks! If you’re just starting out with the Star Citizen community experience, welcome! This is a brief guide to ways you can interact with other fans and keep up to date with the latest from the team at Cloud Imperium.

  • Comm-Link: Updated daily, the Comm-Link is your source for the latest on Star Citizen and the community. You’ll find the latest concept art, design plans, team interviews, fan art and more here!
  • Spectrum Dispatch: Be sure to catch up with the latest Spectrum Dispatches for news INSIDE the Star Citizen universe! The Dispatch includes serial fiction, vignettes and background information about the world of Star Citizen.
  • Wingman’s Hangar: Every Friday at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT) we are a half-hour web show straight from Austin, Texas! Eric “Wingman” Peterson, CIG’s President of Production, updates fans on the latest developments in the game’s production and introduces you to the team behind the project.
  • Live Chat: The live chat is hopping 24/7! Here you’ll find dedicated Star Citizen fans willing to help answer your questions at any time… and staff from CIG stop by regularly to check in!
  • Community Forums: The Star Citizen forums are your place to chat with fans, post fan
    art and fiction, roleplay with player guilds and squadrons and even interact directly with developers in the Ask a Dev Q&A section! Cloud Imperium staff spend an hour each week answering your questions.
  • Social Networks: Star Citizens can keep up to date via both Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned to these channels – we’ll have lots of exciting Star Citizen news and announcements in the coming week!

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