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July 9th 2013

Press Roundup
Handle Clarification & Press Roundup

Between the $14 million stretch goal unlock, the economy outline and the 300i promotion, Star Citizen has been all over the news! Here’s a sample:

Lost Skin Returns

During the last days of the Kickstarter campaign last November, we offered a “Shut Up and Take My Money” skin, referencing the meme Star Citizens were reporting all over the internet. Unfortunately, this skin option got lost in the shuffle between campaigns and websites… until now! The much-discussed skin is now available in the store and can be applied to any of Star Citizen’s spacecraft.

Handle Clarification

We’ve had a high volume of support tickets regarding changing your registration handle. The original plan was that handles would be absolutely permanent, but because of the number of people reporting typos or who misunderstood where the handle would be displayed, we’re developing a new solution.

Every backer will be allotted one free chance to change their handle. If you’ve made a mistake, changed your mind or just plain want something different, you will be allowed to change your handle once. Additional handle changes will be paid, $15 each time.
This solution is being put together now and will be available late next week. If you’re waiting to change your handle, that will be your opportunity!

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