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July 10th 2013

Customer Service FAQ

The website switch has brought with it a lot of customer service questions. In an attempt to answer some of the more common issues, we’ve put together a brief FAQ.

When I enlist or try the Account recovery option I am not receiving an email.

If you do not see an email after initiating the Account Recovery option, first check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see the recovery mail it may be that the account was registered under another email address. Please contact us and inform us of the login you used and we will be able to assist in finding the account. Another cause for this issue is that your ISP may have blocked email sent by us. It may help to contact your ISP and inform them to unblock all email sent to you from

What is the Concierge status and what does it provide?

If your purchases on the account equal to $1,000 or more you will have your own personal Concierge. Keep in mind that this is for total purchases on the account. Ships or packages gifted to the account will not count towards the Concierge total. You will be part of a select group where your questions, requests and needs will be answered by a personal Concierge staff member. You will receive a heads up and exclusive access to events as well as inside info from the development team. A 1-on-1 service to fulfill your pledges and to take all of your requests.

I received a Bounty Hunter package as a gift, why do I not have the Bounty Hunter title?

The titles that can be selected on the website are indications of backer pledge level. If someone were to gift a package even though the package is no longer on the account that account still made the purchase for the package and only the account that makes the purchase is credited with the associated pledge level increase. The pledge level titles from the website may not necessarily be the titles used in game.

I no longer am able to purchase some limited ships such as the Aurora LX.

After the end of the grace period some limited ships were removed from the store. All limited ships will be able to be obtained in game and could be available again at a later date before release but we will have to wait and see.

I gifted something to a friend and they are not shown as a backer.

The Backer status is an award for financial backers of the game. In order to be considered an original backer or veteran backer, a purchase would have needed to be made on the account prior to a certain date. Veteran backer – July 6th 2013 and Original Backer – Nov. 26th 2012. Since backer status is determined by making a purchase, it cannot be transferred through gifting because the recipient of the gift did not make the purchase.

I purchased a Digital Scout before and it now does not show it has alpha and beta access.

There is currently a display issue for some digital scouts that were available to original backers that had access to the alpha and beta but do not list it in the package now. This is an issue the development team is working to resolve but we can confirm that those particular packages that were available to original backers do include alpha and beta access.

I purchased a Bounty Hunter package but now it says it is digital.

The Bounty Hunter package available from the Kickstarter campaign was the package that included the Citizen Card. It was not shown as digital to indicate that it came with the card. The contents of the package always stated that it included a digital copy of the game. The packages that come with a physical box are packages at the Freelancer/Colonel level or above.

I am unable to convert my Rear Admiral to digital.

The previous website had an option to convert some physical packages that also had available digital versions to digital. The Rear Admiral and above packages do not have a digital option available for purchase and as a result the option to convert the package to digital is not available. However the purchase also includes the digital versions of the included items loaded onto the Spaceship-shaped USB drive and the ability to download the game.

I reclaimed a purchase by mistake, help!

If you reclaim a purchase by mistake you can simply repurchase the package or item using the available credit. If the purchase is of a limited package or ship no longer available, let us know and we can assist in reversing the reclaim.

The price of the upgrade item is not enough to melt down and purchase the higher level package.

The upgrade item is a specific item that will be able to be used in game to upgrade that specific ship. Upgrade items are not intended to be used to upgrade entire packages but just the ship.

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