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August 13th 2013

Press Roundup

Press Roundup

This week Massively’s Star Citizen blog, Stick and Rudder, turned their attention to Wingman’s Hangar. The team was very pleased with this article, which seems to really understand what we’re going for with the show!

Of course, there have been proper game industry documentaries before, but Star Citizen and Wingman’s Hangar offer the dual benefits of a much longer running time and a conspicuous lack of primadonna blowhards with vastly overinflated senses of self-worth. As near as I can tell, the people making SC are humble folk across the board. They’re also uniformly and genuinely excited as all hell to be there, and that enthusiasm is contagious given some of the negativity that has attached itself to gaming in general and MMOs in particular in recent years.

You can read the full piece here.

The news kept pouring in this week from press outlets covering the $15 million crowd funding milestone reached by Star Citizen. Here are some of the highlights:

  • PC Gamer – “Star Citizen crowdfunding still rising, surpasses $15 million.”
  • (Australia) – “Just when you think it’s over, Star Citizen announces another milestone.”
  • GameZone – “It’s hard to believe that in April, the space-trading and combat simulator Star Citizen had raised $9 million. But it’s even more incredulous that the game is now worth over $15 million in crowdfunding.”
  • Crowdfund Insider – “With two more ‘Stretch Goals’ posted on the site…the resources are definitely coming into place to create an amazing game.”

We appreciate all the coverage we are receiving about Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games. In a little less than two weeks we’ll be in Cologne, Germany and Gamescom to unveil Star Citizen’s new Hangar Module to fans and the media. We’ll be here to report on that and all the craziness surrounding Gamescom when we return.

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