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August 29th 2013

Hangar Module Released

Hangar Module Now Available

Greetings Citizens,

The Hangar Module is now available for download! Please click here to access the download site. You will be asked to log in and confirm that you have an applicable Star Citizen package. Once you click download, your RSI account will be awarded an additional 5,000 UCE as our thanks for your early support!

Release Notes

The Hangar Module is launching with the following known issues. We’ll be addressing these and everything else you discover in future patches!

  • Some ships are missing sound effects and or interior footstep sounds
  • Post processing artifact effect present in Deluxe hangar
  • Character feet can have a jittering effect during walking animation
  • Exiting the Freelancer animation is offset
  • Exiting the 300i and variants ships animation is offset
  • Hornet missing floor geometry
  • Unable to enter turrets in Freelancer and Constellation
  • Unable to enter bathroom in Constellation
  • Mounting discount hangar ladder in first person then switching to third person causes character to be stuck in climbing animation and character is unable to navigate normally until restart
  • Buggy will go live via Voyager Direct on Friday

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