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September 10th 2013

Press Roundup: Chris Roberts at PAX Prime

Press Roundup: Chris Roberts at PAX Prime

Chris Roberts spent Labor Day weekend at PAX, gaming’s premiere fan-driven convention! Chris appeared on two panels, both of which we have available in their entirety here! Topics range from the state of PC games today (presented along with a number of other gaming luminaries) to the role of military veterans in gaming! Check them out:

The PC Gaming World Congress

PC Gamer assembles a dream team of PC gaming personalities debate the state of our dear hobby. For an hour, we’ll invite our speakers to reflect on the issues that matter most to PC gamers and developers and paint a picture of what the next few years in PC gaming will look like. Finally, a congress worth listening to.

Veterans in Gaming: Embracing Common Ground

What impact do military-themed games have on an increasing population of active duty and veteran gamers? How are large gaming communities leveraging the experience and common frames of reference military veterans provide? How is this growing segment of dedicated players impacting both game and community development? How are veteran-run charities and fundraising events changing the landscape of gaming philanthropy? Hear from both sides of the screen.

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