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September 18th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen Around the World

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen Around the World

Greetings Citizens,

Today’s Fan Spotlight is honoring Star Citizen’s great international communities! Chris Roberts and Wing Commander are known around the world, and great dedicated Star Citizen communities have formed in dozens of languages. Today we’ll look at two more sites that are spreading the world around the world!

Ciudadano Estelar

Ciudadano Estelar is king of the Spanish-language Star Citizen community! Featuring news and information on the front page and everything from a Galactapedia to an active community forum, Ciudadano Estelar is the place to go to learn about Star Citizen in Spanish. The team there does an amazing job and keeping the Spanish community informed and up to date… and we salute them for it! You can visit the site here.

Star Citizen RU

Star Citizen RU is a great Russian-language Star Citizen fan site! With news posts in Russian plus an active forum and a gallery of the latest Star Citizen artwork, this is an excellent place for the Russian community to call home! Check it out here.

We’d like to thank Citizens everywhere for their support of the game. Star Citizen doesn’t have an advertising budget… we rely on fans to spread the word, and it looks like you’re doing a great job!

Do you know of a great Star Citizen fan site or other project that should be highlighted in this space? Let us know in the comments!

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