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September 19th 2013

Star Citizen Photo Contest

Star Citizen Photo Contest

Greetings Citizens,

We’re pleased to announce the first ever Star Citizen photo contest! Have a Star Citizen or Squadron 42 shirt? Then we want to see you in it! For the next two weeks we’ll be collecting fan photos showing off your cool Star Citizen clothing and will award prizes in five categories at CitizenCon!

  • Most Star Citizens. How many Star Citizen fans can you fit into a single shot? The team with the most Citizens wearing their official RSI shirts will win 10,000 UEC for each member pictured! Be sure to include the account name of everyone pictured when submitting your image.
  • Most Creative Single-Player. Exploring the galaxy on your own? This category is for you! The most creative picture featuring a single Star Citizen will receive an Aurora LX spacecraft and 10,000 UEC!
  • No Shirt? No Problem! If you didn’t sign up in time to pick up an official shirt, you can still enter… by making your own Star Citizen outfit! The winner receives an Aurora LX spacecraft and 10,000 UEC!
  • Where’s Waldo… in SPACE! Wear your Star Citizen or Squadron 42 shirt in front of a famous monument, landmark or other identifiable place. The best picture will win an Aurora LX spacecraft and 10,000 UEC!
  • Best in Show. Our single favorite image, chosen by Chris Roberts, will win an incredibly rare Vanduul fighter!

Please have your entries in by October 3rd. The team at CIG will judge the winners and Chris Roberts will announce them live during CitizenCon! Submit your entries to Please make sure they’re family-friendly and as high a resolution as possible!

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