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September 20th 2013

A Look Inside the Pirate Ships

Inside the Pirate Ships

Greetings Citizens,

Cutlass RenderCutlass Render

We know everyone is enjoying exploring the interiors of their initial pledge ships. Now we’d like to show you an early look at some of the interiors we’re building now, for the lineup of piracy-focused ships from Drake Interplanetary! These ships aren’t just designed for fighting, they’re designed for boarding targets and transporting loot.

This artwork, by concept artist Jim Martin, shows how the interior crew compartment layouts of the Cutlass fighter and Caterpillar transport will function. We create artwork like this because Star Citizen’s ships don’t just have to look cool, they have to function properly in our universe. We hope you enjoy the early look… and we can’t wait to put you in the cockpit of both these ships!

Flash Sale!

For the next 72 hours, you can pick up your own Caterpillar spacecraft for use in Star Citizen! The Caterpillar is a limited edition ship, available only during special events... but to celebrate this reveal, we're putting it on sale again for the weekend. Interested Caterpillar pirates have until Monday, September 23 at noon PST to pick up one of these transports.

Click here to bring a Caterpillar home. Remember, add-on ships are available only to support Star Citizen’s development costs. Any ship offered through the website will be available in the finished Star Citizen game through normal gameplay. The Caterpillar is still in development and will not yet show in your Hangar module.

Subscribers will also find some early Caterpillar concepts today in the Vault! You can learn more about subscribing here.

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