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September 24th 2013

AMD Livestream and Press Roundup

AMD Livestream and Press Roundup

Greetings Citizens,

GPU ’14 Tech Day

Chris Roberts is teaming up with AMD for their big GPU announcement tomorrow! AMD will be unveiling their 2014 GPU lineup in a special stream live from Hawaii tomorrow at 2 PM CST (-5 GMT) and they’ve invited Chris Roberts to make an appearance! Watch this space – we’ll be showing the video right here at RSI. You can learn more from AMD’s press release here.

Press Roundup

Meanwhile, the media continues its coverage of Star Citizen’s crowd funding campaign. With backers pledging two million dollars in two weeks, the news quickly spread:

  • “The most crowdfunded game in history” – LazyGamer
  • “How high do you think Star Citizen will go?” – Crowdfund Insider
  • $18 million “Star Citizen still a perpetual money machine” – PC Gamer
  • $19 million “Star Citizen could be one of the most defining PC Games of all time” – PC Authority Australia
  • “Make it $19 million. Continuing its steady, money siphoning march to gaming history” – Game Front
  • “Star Citizen reveals $21 million salvage career stretch goal, will continue campaign” – Polygon

We’re especially fond of this article from Games.On.Net in Australia.

This project was my second, and so far I have not been disappointed with Cloud Imperium’s ability to meet those concerns. If Star Citizen is even 75% of the game Roberts has promised it will be, then I can honestly say it will be one of the best titles of the decade. But there have been few times when such an epic development process has been so clearly centred on a single man, and we can only hope that the sheer scope of this massively ambitious project does not befall him.

If you would like to see more from the Gamescom event, check out this writeup by Game Guide. The article is in French but there are plenty of pictures that tell the story of the fantastic evening with our fans in Cologne on Saturday, August 24. Enjoy! Game Guide

Finally, Stick and Rudder has a great article on the perception of “feature creep” in Star Citizen. We think they’re on the money!

Roberts can and is giving backers what they want because, as he’s stated from the beginning, he’s making the game that he as a hardcore gamer wants to play. Understand, though, that this hardcore gamer is not a newbie developer who needs SC’s profits to make sure his family eats and has insurance. This hardcore gamer is an industry legend who has made some of the most beloved and successful PC titles of all time.

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