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October 18th 2013

Aurora Brochure Released!

Aurora Brochure Released

Greetings Citizens,

Last week, we announced that the final Hornet commercial, brochure and patch would be available on Friday. As that deadline approaches, we have run into some issues and need more time to get it right. The Hornet is intended to be the first of the ships that fulfill the final delivery version: you watch the commercial and see the ship in action, you read the details and learn about the variants in the brochure and then you can check them out in the engine in the hangar.

We haven’t done this with the Aurora or the 300 Series yet; the Hornet is going to be the first time it happens and we are going to make sure it sets the standard for all future ship reveals. We could push one or two parts of the process tonight, but we can’t make the whole thing without working into the weekend. As you know, the team volunteered to work through the weekend for last week’s patch. I am not comfortable asking them to do that a second week in a row. Because of this I’ve decided to give the team Monday to finish up the loose ends on Monday, which means we will push out the full Hornet launch on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, we are releasing another brochure for you to enjoy. Last Friday, we released the Aurora Legionnaire commercial, a quick introduction to Star Citizen’s latest Aurora variant. The Legionnaire model takes the standard Aurora and makes it even tougher, with additional weapons hardpoints and other upgrades. In honor of this release, we’ve also put together a new version of the Aurora brochure. Want to see how the Aurora LN stacks up against the previous models, or learn how Roberts Space Industries is pioneering the personal spaceflight industry? Then check out the new 2944 Aurora brochure! We hope you enjoy learning more about the Aurora today. I know you will be blown away by the Hornet next week.

As always, thank you for your support AND patience.

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