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October 16th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Videos

Fan Spotlight: Fan Videos

It didn’t take long for Star Citizen fans to take apart the Hangar Module and start creating their own videos using the ship models and other assets! The team has been consistently impressed by the videos popping up; everything from home made ship commercials to action sequences that show what gameplay may look like! We’ve picked three of these videos to share with you in this week’s Fan Spotlight.

Tim Skijwalker has created “Goodbye” using the Constellation model. This awesome video follows the ship and captain as it goes down in flames on an alien planet!

AnythingFPS has created an entire series of amazing Star Citizen videos showing off all of the pledge ships in different environments… but possibly his best work yet is a commercial for the Greycat buggy!

I-Pearl-I has taken Star Citizen’s ships to create his own cinematic spaceflight video! Check it out a beautiful Constellation in flight!

Do you know of a great fan video? Let us know in the comments and it may be featured in a future Fan Spotlight!

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