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October 24th 2013

Hornet FAQ

Hornet FAQ

Greetings Citizens,
The Hornet promotion is in full swing! As a result, there’s a high volume of support tickets being sent to the Customer Support department. We’re working as hard as we can to get through them. In the meantime, we’ve put together a quick FAQ that answers some of the more common questions users have about Hornets.

Do you have a Hornet question not answered here? Post it below!

Why can’t I see my Hornet upgrade in the Hangar Module?

The current version of the Hangar Module does not support the upgrade packs. This functionality will be added in an upcoming patch. Until that is applied, you will only see your base F7C Hornet in your Hangar.

My Hornet isn’t an upgrade but still isn’t showing up in my Hangar.

Some users have more ships than the Hangar Module is configured to display! You can increase the number by using a text editor to change the game.cfg file located in \CitizenClient\Data and increasing “hangar_maxships = 15” to a higher number. Remember, the more objects displayed in your Hangar at once, the more horsepower the program will need to run.

Is the Arclight pistol available without the Weekend Warrior package?

No, the pistol is currently only available as an extra reward with the Super Hornet Weekend Warrior package. It is not included with any physical packages. The pistol will be available for purchase using UEC in Star Citizen’s persistent world.

Can I install stealth upgrades on the Super Hornet?

Yes! The variants are designed to show how individual upgrades can be applied to ship hulls. In the finished game, you will have access to countless upgrades which you can mix and match yourself. Upgrades to increase stealth, like the Ghost’s Void Armor, can be applied to different models of ships. Note that they may not be as effective, unless you also reduce other stealth-related factors like engine output.

When does the Hornet sale end?

The initial Super Hornet sale will end Monday, November 4th at noon PST. The Ghost and Tracker variants will remain available permanently.

Can I upgrade to a new Hornet variant while keeping my physical Colonel package?

Yes! Purchase one of the “Upgrade” options to change the Hornet included in the package without affecting your extras. Note that models purchased in this fashion will not yet appear in your Hangar.

Do I need to man the second seat in the Super Hornet to enjoy it?

No! The second seat is an optional position which can be configured for a number of different roles (including weapons officer, squadron commander and prisoner!) When not in use, ship operations can be handled entirely by the pilot.

Can I purchase more than one upgrade pack and storehouse the extra parts?

No, only one upgrade pack can be applied per ship. This will happen before the game launches.

Does the upgrade pack impact the insurance on my ship?

No, your ship will retain its original insurance (whether that is lifetime or limited.) Future ship upgrade packs offered after November 26th will offer this same functionality (for those wanting to upgrade a base Freelancer or Constellation that has LTI.)


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