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October 29th 2013

Press Roundup

Press Roundup

The press has been beside itself over the recent release of the Anvil Aerospace Hornet commercial and brochure. They are particularly thrilled with being able to see the commercial (and eventually the game) in super hi-rez 4k (of course, the commercial is rendered 100% in-engine in real time!) You can take a look at what they are saying in some of the highlighted articles below:

PCGamesN – “Star Citizen Trailer shows Hornet and the power of 4K resolution. Bloomin Gorgeous!”
EuroGamer – ‘Stunning Star Citizen in-engine 4k resolution gameplay released. Star Citizen looks set to melt graphics cards when its eventually released.”
MCV – “Star Citizen video shows where that $24 million has gone.”
Games Radar – “Out of this world.”
Games.On.Net – “Star Citizen’s Anvil Aerospace advertisement is gorgeous.”
Ten Ton Hammer – “If one thing is for certain, it’s that Chris Roberts has the future of the gaming experience in mind.”

There were also plenty of stories regarding the $24 million milestone reached last week in crowd funding, as alluded to in some of the above stories. Our favorite comment came from Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Nathan Grayson

“So basically, Star Citizen will be capable of looking this good – even if you’ll probably need a nuclear-powered supercomputer to make it happen. Elsewhere in Roberts’ mad, ice-cream-murder-frenzy vision of space, a $25 million stretch goal is now in sight. If reached, it’ll allow for more sophisticated server infrastructure and a wider initial alpha test, meaning that the likes of Europe and Australia will be able to join in earlier. Previously, the plan was to start with North America and expand gradually after that. So that’s where Star Citizen’s at this week. Check back next week for the stretch goal that allows Roberts Space Industries to bail out the US government.”

In other news, Austin based gaming site, 4Player Network attended the recent Citizencon event and caught up with Chris Roberts after the presentation. You can watch the full interview straight from the Alamo Drafthouse below!

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