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November 7th 2013

Physical Goods Available!

Physical Goods Available!

Greetings Citizens,

Did you miss your chance to get a Star Citizen t-shirt or patch set? We’re happy to announce that we’ve put the remaining stock of our first run of both items back in the store. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 shirts plus all five types of cloth patches are available for purchase now. Don’t delay, though: stock is limited to what was left over from the original production run and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Star Citizen and Squadron 42 shirts were designed during the original pledge campaign, and the team has been thrilled to see fans around the world wearing them at events! The patches are replicas of the logos worn by the UEE armed forces in Star Citizen’s world: the Army, Advocacy, Navy and Marines (plus the UEE logo!)

In the longer term, we’ve been working behind the scenes to establish a system for manufacturing and then shipping physical goods on demand; in the future, we won’t need to wait to do production runs of goods like these; you’ll be able to order Star Citizen merchandise from the site once it’s ready to ship to you.

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