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November 14th 2013

Physical Goods Ready to Ship!

Physical Goods Shipping!

Greetings Citizens,

RSI, Anvil and Origin Goliath Mousepads have been made and are ready to ship as of Monday November 18th 2013. Hopefully these will arrive to you by Christmas. You should receive an email that your mousepad has shipped when it does.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 T-shirts as well as patches are also ready to ship and will do as of Monday November 18th 2013. Hopefully these also arrive to you by Christmas and you will receive a confirmation email that your goodies have shipped. They may or may not ship in the same package as your mousepad if you have ordered one. Patches and T-shirts or patches and mousepad, however, should ship together. There are still a few T-shirts left and mainly the Extra-Small and Small sizes so we had Chelsea and Sandi model these for us to show they can be worn just as well for women!

Polo shirts are still in production and about two weeks away from being finished. As soon as they are ready, we will get them out the door as fast as we can to ship them. A confirmation email will be sent when shirts start to ship. Meanwhile there are still a few polo shirts left if you would like to grab one.

This time around we do not have tracking or express delivery. We have been researching this and hope to be able to provide tracking and/or speedy delivery as an option if you choose. Expedited shipping is expensive and so is tracking, which is one reason we haven’t offered this as yet. We are trying to offer something that isn’t more expensive than the product itself! Please do not email support asking to track your package as we are unable to do so. We are working on improving how shipping works and the timely delivery of products to you so we Thank You for your patience as we become more efficient at this.

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