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November 19th 2013

Origin 350R Now Available

Origin 350R Now Available

Continuing the Star Citizen Anniversary Sale, we are pleased to announce that the Origin Jumpworks 350R is available again for the next 24 hours (ending at midnight PST, November 19, 2013.) The 350R is the twin-engined development of the popular 300i, offering more thrust capacity and a redesigned hull. It’s available today with LTI for all backers, as is the “Lightspeed Package” which includes a digital copy of the game, a 350R and a special racing suit. Interested Citizens can learn more here.

Want to learn more about the Origin 300 Series? Check out the brochure!

Please note that if you have a non-LTI 350R and would like to upgrade, you should reclaim the original ship or addon and then purchase this version. Simply purchasing an upgrade will not give your ship LTI!

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