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November 22nd 2013

Gladiator, Retaliator and Super Hornet Now Available

Gladiator, Retaliator and Super Hornet Now Available

Greetings Citizens,

This weekend, the Star Citizen Anniversary Sale will offer users a chance to pick up two of Star Citizen’s fearsome bombers: the Gladiator carrier-based bomber and the Retaliator strategic bomber. Either one should be a great platform on which players can start building their Star Citizen adventure!

By popular demand, this weekend’s sale will also include the recently-released Super Hornet and related packages. Please note that if you have a non-LTI base Hornet and would like to upgrade, you should reclaim the original ship or addon and then purchase this version. Simply purchasing an upgrade will not give your ship LTI! A special LTI upgrade including LTI is also for sale, in the extreme case where you can’t or won’t reclaim your base hornet package.
All ships and packages will be available from midnight Friday, November 22 through midnight Sunday, November 24.

We’ve also had a number of requests for information on next week’s Idris-P sale. Idris-P’s will be available in limited allotments offered at four times during the day on November 26, 2013. Times will not be announced in advance, but they will be spread out to best allow users in different areas of the world an equal chance at getting one. All Idris-Ps will include LTI and the price will remain the same as previous sales for all backers.

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