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November 28th 2013

Jump Point Issue 12 Available

Jump Point Issue 12 Available

Greetings Citizens,

The latest issue of Jump Point is now available for development subscribers! This month’s Jump Point looks at the development of the Drake Cutlass and discusses piracy in the Star Citizen universe with Lead Designer Rob Irving. There’s also exclusive Star Citizen fiction and profiles of the Magnus System and Drake Interplanetary. You can download the PDF in the subscriber area of your account.

Subscribers can also find the first piece of subscriber-exclusive merchandise in the store today. Available to subscribers before anyone else, the Aegis Dynamics goliath mousepad celebrates the company behind the Retaliator, Idris and Avenger. Pick one up here! Remember, you must be a subscriber to see this product in the store!

Extra funds from development subscribers goes to enhance Star Citizen’s development and produce community-facing extras like Wingman’s Hangar! For more information on becoming a subscriber, please visit the store.

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