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December 11th 2013

Aurora Upgrades & Multiple Organizations

Aurora Upgrades & Multiple Organizations

Aurora LN Upgrades

We’ve heard from a number of users who purchased Aurora LN upgrades during the Anniversary Sale who would like to apply them to Aurora LX packages. We hear you! We’ve updated the upgrade system accordingly, and as of this afternoon you can now purchase an Aurora LN upgrade to convert any Aurora LX spacecraft. If you already have a standard upgrade you would like to use, please reclaim it for store credit (you should save $5 overall.)

Multiple Organizations

There has also been a great deal of feedback about Friday’s All About Organizations post. We would like to clear up one point of confusion: while you will only be able to join a single Organization with the first iteration of the system coming in January, this limit will be eliminated in future versions. Being a member of multiple organization is absolutely necessary for the finished game, and has been in the specifications from day one: players need to be able to join multiple NPC organizations (like the Mercenary’s Guild or Merchant’s Guild) in addition to player created groups.

There will be a reputation system that tracks how organizations stack up against one another and individual orgs can specify their exclusivity level: the Mavericks might require that you join only allied groups, or they might prevent their members from signing on with anyone else at all. All of this is coming in future versions of the Org system; we aim to get you started with a single group now and then expand as the played-created portion of universe comes together!

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