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January 28th 2014

Press Roundup

Press Roundup

In a little more than 15 months, Star Citizen has raised more than $37 million in crowd funding and collected more than 370-thousand backers. In the words of TIME’s Matt Peckham, that’s “Crazy Town.” TIME was one of several outlets that noted Star Citizen’s latest milestone:

“That’s kind of insane. All that crowing over the $10 million Pebble Watch Kickstarter? Forget about it, then insert someone shaking their fist in the air and chanting ‘game power’ here.”

You can read the entire article here.

Other stories regarding the $37 million mark include:
  • Gamespot – “Star Citizen reaches an astonishing 37 million”
  • Joystiq – “Star Citizen still raking in cash”
  • Game Politics – “Chris Roberts and his studio Cloud Imperium Games continue to generate ridiculous sums of money”
  • Digital Trends – “Citizen Destroys All Crowdfunding Records, Hits $37 Million”

The other recent story was the release of the Organizations hub on RSI. Ten Ton Hammer’s Red Thomas perhaps had the most comprehensive review of the new Org system. He was particularly impressed with the open source protocol for the new chat system:

“I’m incredibly excited about the potential this represents, and I’m just as pleased at what it says about this team. CIG have just demonstrated in a very real way that this game is our game. It belongs to the fans, and it’s not something they just say.”

You can read Red’s entire article here.

Several other outlets posted stories about the Organizations launch including:

Finally several honors for Star Citizen have begun to roll in. Forbes named Star Citizen one of the “Top Video Games of 2014.” IGN called Star Citizen one of the “Top 25 PC Games to Play in 2014.” And last but not least we received word from MMORPG Italia that Star Citizen received the “Most Anticipated Sandbox” game for 2013 in its annual readers choice awards.

Assolutamente fantastico!

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