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February 10th 2014

RSI Broadcast Schedule

RSI Programming Schedule

Greetings Citizens,

You may have noticed there have been some changes to the Roberts Space Industries broadcast schedule in recent weeks. The recent production summit allowed the team to sit down and work out plans to expand our video production schedule. The goal is to give backers a closer look behind the scenes of Star Citizen throughout the week. On Mondays, Chris Roberts will answer your questions on 10 for the Chairman, on Wednesdays Eric “Wingman” Peterson invites you in to Wingman’s Hangar for a look at Star Citizen’s production and on Fridays Sandi Gardiner asks you to help pick The Next Great Starship!

10 for the Chairman offers a chance for Star Citizen’s development subscribers to ask Chris Roberts the tough questions. Every week, Chris will take time to answer ten questions collected from the Subscriber’s Den forum which will be featured on the show. If you’re interested in subscribing, you can learn more here.

Wingman’s Hangar is being updated to provide a more in-depth look at elements of the game development process. Future episodes will go ‘Inside CIG’ to show you how we do everything from plan production schedules to build space stations. Additionally, Forum Feedback questions will now be vetted by Chris Roberts to allow the crew to address harder topics.

The Next Great Starship brings the development process to you. Teams from around the world will compete to build Star Citizen’s new gunship. As we follow their story, you’ll also learn how the Star Citizen team brings a ship from concept into the ‘verse! Episode 3 airs Friday, followed by a community vote for the wild card contestant!


  • Mondays (3 PM PST) – 10 for the Chairman
  • Wednesdays (9 AM PST) – Wingman’s Hangar
  • Fridays (3 PM PST) – The Next Great Starship

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