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February 25th 2014

Poll: Mustang Sale

Greetings Citizens,

The Mustang in ActionThe Mustang in Action

On Friday, we revealed the initial concept art of the Consolidated Outland Mustang, Star Citizen’s second starter ship. The Mustang was added to the game as part of the $28 million stretch goal, achieved last year. Since that reveal, we’ve been inundated by support tickets demanding that we sell these new ships immediately.

We initially opted not to sell the Mustang alongside the announcement because it is still in the concept stages. The ship has not been built in 3D in the CryEngine yet, and they will likely not appear in your Hangar for several months. There’s no cool commercial or slate of variants yet, either. But the demand has been higher than we’ve ever seen for a prototype ship before, and so we’ve decided to leave the decision in your hands.

As promised, when we launch the Mustang, existing LTI Aurora users will be allowed to swap their ships for Mustangs. An LTI Mustang badge will be distributed to everyone with a qualifying Aurora, allowing them to melt the old ship for store credit and purchase an LTI Mustang.

Should we offer the Mustang as a limited sale this weekend? Vote below to decide!

Should we offer the Mustang this weekend?

Should we offer the Mustang this weekend?

Total Votes: 27516

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